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Ajax Alarm Kit Hub 2 (TenPlus)

Ajax Alarm Kit Hub 2 (TenPlus)

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Starter kit perfect for a house. The kit consists of the intelligent control hub, motion detector, opening detector, keypad, a street siren, and a free home siren. The devices can be installed in as little as 30 minutes. The detectors are connected and set up using the mobile app and then mounted on the SmartBracket that come with the kit.

- Control Hub 2 (x1) to link all the devices together
- MotionProtect motion PIR detectors (x2), to protect rooms from intrusion
- DoorProtect opening detector (x1), to protect doors and window openings
- Keypad (x1), for controlling the security modes and includes a hidden alarm signal
- DoubleDeck StreetSiren outdoor siren (x1), which notifies of danger using sound and light
- HomeSiren indoor siren (x1,free), which notifies of danger using sound

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